New Theme FAQ

Why should I change the theme of my website?

Our new website theme is designed to be fully responsive on mobile devices, as well as being compliant with the W3 accessibility criteria.

All publically funded websites are required to be compatible with the new accessibility criteria. Find out more at Note that none of our previous themes are compatible with the accessibility guidelines.

Full benefits:

  • Easier to use and maintain for customers
  • Adheres to national accessibilty guidelines
  • Uses latest design principles so it is easy for patients to use
  • Flexible so it can be tailored to practice’s requirements
  • Helps channel pateint demand through a single website
  • Fully compatible with Google Analytics for further insight into how patients use your site

What will my website look like afterwards?

Your site will be moved to our latest website theme, which will look similar to our demonstration site ehich can be seen at

How long does the change take to complete?

Once we have received your form, this will automatically generate a support case in EMIS Now. We aim to start the process within 14 working days, though it is normally much quicker than this. Once the change has been started, it will take about half an hour to complete with the total time your website being unavailable being under 10 minutes.

Is there a cost associated with changing the theme?

Changing your website theme is covered by your existing contract with ourselves so there is no additional cost.

What will happen to my content?

The content on your website will not be affected by this change, other than being automatically migrated into the new website look and feel. The homepage will however change layout to fit the new theme, but we complete this for you to best suit your site.

How do I check what theme I am currently on?

1) Log into the backend of your website.
2) Go to “Customise Homepage”.
3) Select “Manage with Live Preview”.
4) The theme name will be shown under “Active Theme” on the left hand side. Our new theme is called ‘GPWS 2019’.

Will my website be unavailable at any point while changing the theme?

While we make the change, there will be a short 5-10 minute window during which your homepage will not be fully functional, however basic functionality will continue throughout and the website will always load for your patients.

Can you complete the change outside of working hours?

Unfortunately we are unable to complete the change outside of working hours due to the volume of changes that need to be completed. Any unavailability time has been minimised to reduce the impact of this to your practice.

How do I contact you if I have issues once the change has been completed?

There will be a case on EMIS Now to log the change we make to your site. If you have any issues, please re-open this case and add a comment on there. If you have an urgent issue, feel free to call the service desk. Contact details can be found on the dashboard of your website.

I need to tidy up my website. Should I do this before or after the theme change?

We would generally recommend doing this after the theme change as the homepage will change in layout and we will do some tidying up as part of the change process.

Is there training available on how to use the new theme?

Editing the new theme is exactly the same as editing our previous themes, with the exception of the homepage, which has been simplified for our customers.

If you would like training on how to edit your website, please check our support guides in the first instance, and contact support if you have any further queries. We can book customers in for dedicated training sessions upon request if it is deemed necessary.

How customisable is the new theme?

Our new website theme is customisable within the constraints of the design. Here are some examples of what can be changed on the template:

  • Surgery Name
  • Homepage Banner Image
  • The ‘Quick Link’ buttons across the top of the homepage can be enabled/disabled individually, and where those buttons direct to can be adjusted.
  • All the ‘widgets’ on the homepage
  • All the Pages & Posts