HTML Examples

HTML Code Examples

Where text in capitals is used (E.g. TEXT or LINK), these can be exchanged for any relevant information.


Line Break:		<br>

Heading 1:		<h1> TEXT </h1>

Heading 2:		<h2> TEXT </h2>

Paragraph:		<p> TEXT </p>

Bold:			<strong> TEXT </strong>

Italic:			<em> TEXT </em>

Link (Text): 		<a href=" LINK "> TEXT </a>

Link (Image):		<a href=" LINK "><img src=" LINK-TO-IMAGE " alt=" IMAGE-TITLE "></a>


Example - a sentence.

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Example - a bold sentence.

<p><strong>This is a paragraph that is bold.</strong></p>

Example - a bold sentence with a link in it.

<p><strong>This is a paragraph that is bold. <a href="">Click here to go to the BBC News website</a></strong></p>