Changes to how you order your repeat prescription

Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS across the UK over £300 million every year. Waste medicines cost the NHS in Fylde and Wyre £1.6million every year while unnecessary prescriptions can lead to patients receiving medication they do not need.


We have seen that when patients order their own prescriptions this is safer and reduces waste. Over-ordering, stockpiling and unused medicines cost the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds every year. It also presents a potential risk to patient safety.

When prescription medicines are not used they can end up stockpiled in homes, where they pose a risk if they accidentally fall into the hands of children or other vulnerable people. There is also a temptation to share medicines with family members without a prescription from a GP.

In order to improve this, NHS Fylde and Wyre CCG has worked with local GP practices to develop a project which means people will not be able to order a repeat prescription at their local pharmacy and pharmacists will not be able to order prescriptions on patients’ behalf.

What are repeat prescriptions?

Many Fylde and Wyre residents have a ‘repeat prescription’, meaning that they can regularly request certain medication(s) without having to see their doctor each time.

Some people order these repeat prescriptions themselves and others choose to use a pharmacy or company to order the medicines on their behalf.

What is changing?

The way repeat prescriptions are ordered is changing. You (or your carer, nominated family member/friend) will have to order your repeat prescription from the GP practice yourself.

Your GP practice will no longer accept orders of repeat prescriptions from pharmacies or companies.

What is not changing?

If you already order your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice yourself, you will not be affected and do not need to take any action.

Pharmacies can still collect prescriptions from GP Practices. Pharmacies that deliver medications and other
items to you can still do so. 

Why is this happening?

WASTE: Under the current system many patients have reported that they have built up a large stock of unused medicines that they did not request.

This means that a lot of this medication could not be stored safely or be used within ‘use by’ date. This is a serious safety concern.

SAFETY: By ordering repeat prescriptions directly from your practice means that we will have a clearer picture of the medicines you do and do not use which will help with your discussions during your medication review.

SAVINGS: It is important that NHS money is used as efficiently as possible. Medicines waste costs the NHS about £300million every year. This equates to about £1.6million in Fylde and Wyre. This change in how you order your repeat
prescriptions will reduce medicines waste, allowing monies to fund other services to improve the health of the people of Fylde and Wyre.

Please note 

All patients affected by this change will be notified in writing. If you have not received a letter then you do not need to do anything differently.

If you have any queries about this change, please call the repeat prescriptions query line on 01253 957486.

What do I need to do?

You will need to order your prescription using one of the following options:

  • Ordering online or via mobile app using Patient Access – it is easier than you think and we at the practice will help you to set this up, meaning you can order 24/7.
  • Drop off or post the tick slip on your prescription to your GP practice – This is the right-hand side of your prescription.
  • Telephone – Some practices have a facility to order prescriptions over the phone. Your GP practice will be able to advise you.

Nominate a chosen pharmacy so your prescriptions can be sent electronically directly without the need for you to go into your GP practice.

Before ordering your prescriptions:

  • Please only order the medicines that you need. Any medicines you do not order every month will still be available to order when you need them;
  • Check how many days of medication you have left before ordering your repeat prescription as your practice restricts how often you can order medication;
  • Please note it usually takes the surgery two to three working days to issue a repeat prescription.

Ordering your prescriptions online

The quickest and easiest way to order your repeat prescriptions is by using Patient Access.

Patient Access lets you use the online services of your GP practice. These include arranging appointments, secure messages, medical record and updating your details as well as ordering your repeat prescriptions.

The service is available on your computer by visiting Here you can register for an account. You may have to pop into your practice to complete your registration.

Once you have set up your Patient Access account, you can order your repeat prescriptions at any time, 24/7, wherever you are. You can also download the Patient Access mobile app which allows you to access all these services via your mobile phone or tablet.

CLICK HERE to log in to your Patient Access account or to register.


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