Freedom of information


How to make a Freedom of Information request

If you would like to make a freedom of information (FOI) request to NHS Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group, you can do so in the following ways:

Contact the freedom of information team by email: [email protected] 

Contact the freedom of information team by post: FOI Manager, Jubilee House, Lancashire Business Park, Leyland, PR26 6TR

Before contacting the freedom of information team, please take a look at our publication scheme below.

Publication Scheme

Who we are and what we do

What we spend and how we spend it

What our priorities are and how we are doing

How we make decisions

Our policies and procedures

Lists and registers

The services we offer


Your right to access CCG information

The Freedom of Information Act gives all individuals the right to request access to information held by the CCG. The aim of the Act is to create a climate of openness in the public services and inform people how public authorities make their decisions and spend public money.

Publication scheme

In order to comply with Freedom of Information Act 2000, public sector organisations such as the CCG have to routinely publish information whenever possible.

The Information Commissioner, who is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, has created a ‘Model Publication Scheme’ for all public sector organisations. The commissioner has also published a ‘Definition Document for NHS Organisations’, which sets out the minimum expectations are as far as we are concerned. We review the information we routinely put into the public domain to ensure we are compliant with the Definition Document.

Most of the information we make routinely available can be accessed through this continually updated website. If you cannot find information, please contact our Freedom of Information Manager (contact details below).

Accessing information not included in the Publication Scheme

If you wish to access information not on our website you may ask us for it in accordance with further provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and of the Environmental Information Regulations 2005.

Fees and charges

The Freedom of Information Act and the associated Fee Regulations stipulate that we cannot levy a fee for information unless there is a statutory basis for doing so, or the amount of time to locate the information exceeds 18 hours.

We are, however, allowed to charge for any costs we incur in providing information and any re-formatting requested by the applicant, provided we ensure that applicants are aware of any changes which may be made.

Making a request for information

If you wish to make a request for information you should write or email stating the information that you require, your name and organisation (if appropriate), as well as a contact address for correspondence. Requests should be sent to the Freedom of Information Manager (contact details above).

In some cases, information may not be provided. This is where an exemption applies. Examples of this are where the required information contains personal information (this will continue to be covered by the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998 or where the requested information is available by other means, such as on our website). As a result, it is always advisable to check first before putting in a request for information.


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