Your rights to choice

Everyone who is cared for by the NHS in England has formal rights to make choices about the service they receive.  These include the right to choose a GP surgery, to state which GP you’d like to see, to choose which hospital you’re treated at, and to receive information to support your choices.


These rights form part of NHS Constitution ( pdf | 582.4 KB ), some are explained below. This page also contains links to pages on the NHS Choices website, which will explain how to exercise these rights and make the best choices for you.

Choice of GP practice and particular GP or nurse
Choice of where to go for your first outpatient appointment (physical or mental health)
Patients waiting longer than maximum waiting times
Choosing who carries out a specialist test
Maternity services
Community services
Health research
Treatment in another European economic area
End of life care
Planning your long-term care
Your right to information

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