Our challenges

All NHS organisations are facing significant challenges. We have to think about these when we make our plans.


The challenges for Fylde and Wyre include:

  • A population with a growing number of older people
  • Increasing numbers of people with complex long-term medical conditions
  • Communities with different needs
  • Unacceptable differences in the health of people who live just a few miles apart (men living in the most deprived areas die more than 10 years younger than those living in the least deprived, and for women the difference is more than six years)
  • Our current health and care system is not always co-ordinated well, and this can lead to a poor experience for patients and their families
  • Many patients have conditions which are not managed as well they could be, and so often go to hospital when they could be better supported in a community setting or at home
  • The cost of providing healthcare is rising faster than the funding we receive. To bridge the gap the NHS nationally needs to save £30billion by 2021

We currently receive around £300million a year from the Government to pay for local health services. That’s about £1,300 for every resident. To put this into perspective, a heart bypass operation costs about £8,100, a hip replacement costs £7,700, and a cataract operation costs £1,500.

Around 70% of the NHS budget is spent supporting the 30% of people who have more than one long-term condition. These conditions include heart disease, breathing problems and diabetes. It will not be possible to carry on delivering services in the same way as the population ages and the number of people with complex medical problems rises.

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