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Health and care organisations on the Fylde coast are working together to make ‘Your Care, Our Priority’. To do this we are bringing together health and care professionals, as well as the community and voluntary sector, to create one integrated healthcare system on the Fylde coast.



This means joining up different parts of health and care services so that they work seamlessly together. We know from talking to patients and the public that this doesn’t always happen. This not only means bad experiences for patients but also adds pressure to the local healthcare system.

In early 2015, the Fylde coast was selected as one of the first ‘vanguard’ sites in England to test new ways of organising and delivering health and care services which, in future, could potentially be rolled out across other areas of the country.

Organisations across the region have been developing the plans, called ‘new models of care’, to address challenges and make sure that services provided are better coordinated by taking into account the health, social and emotional needs of residents. This has included looking at what works well in other healthcare systems across the world; listening to the views of patients; and utilising the knowledge and experience of doctors, nurses and other clinicians on the Fylde coast.

Bringing health and care professionals from different organisations together will mean that people who need the most help and support will be able to get this in the heart of the community and need to spend less time in hospital.

By introducing these ‘new models of care’ we will not only improve the quality of care provided but also relieve pressure on hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare organisations.

For more information, visit the Your Care, Our Priority website.

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